Very soon I will be starting some Empowering - Enriching - Local and Global Projects - Encompassing the following areas and even more....

As mentioned else-where, when I was catching up and sharing with some my Acquaintances, Associates, Friends, Colleagues, I Actualized and Realized that we have to have Creatively - Compatible - Congruent Philosophies and Understanding; to Resonate with our Values, Passion, Purpose and Priorities. So that, by transcending one level of illusion we must be ever ready to go on-to the next level that catches us. We must appreciate these tests of illusion along the infinite journey. Some of my Acquaintances, Associate, Friends, Colleagues have Mutually intelligently infuenced in many areas of life. I am really inspired to help others, to improve Holistic Quality of Life on a Greater Scope and Scale; - Where-in - My Passion - Purpose is to help you to Transmute - Transduce - Transform Your VOcation to VAcation..!

If you want to be part of our Teaching / Learning / Sharing Faculties And/Or intend to Participate in any capacity, please do send your Expression Of Interest (EOI) to us. It is all about Win-Win-Wise-World-Where-Winning-Wonderfully-Weaves-Wisdom-Wealth-World-Wide-Within-Without...!!

We are also - Creating Local and Global Happiness - Happeace Foundations to Spread the General Awareness of Un-conditional Happiness. Your Donations are Aptly Profoundly Appreciated.

Did You Know that - You Can Improve Your Own Level of Happiness by any Kind of Kindness, including Donation..!!


Your Donation is an Act of Kindness, study has shown that any Act of Kindness, including Random or Regular, increases the Serotonin Level in the Brain, which is linked to Sense of Happiness and Well-Being. Not only that, even You can Reinforce and Inspiringly Intensify your field of Intentions (and Manifestations) - as aptly pointed out by many of the Enlightened, Enriching, Empowering Beings, including, Mr Wayne W. Dyer and many other Holistic Happiness - Associates.

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