The Ultimate - Happiness,Happy-spirit, Happeace,Happeceology

Happiness of the Body - Mind - Spirit occurring in combination creates Amazing - Alignment - Balance - Congruence.

The Spiritual - Body Creatively - Connects us to the invisible Universe that is interwoven in the visible world.

The Spiritual - Body has the - spiritual DNA !

Are YOU harnessing your spiritual DNA?!

How to harness the spiritual DNA?!

By lovingly living in the present moment and unconditionally making the most and best of the present moment creatively

Do what you REALLY love [from the heart] – THEN love what you REALLY do.

Follow your gut feelings [intuitions]/the sixth sense]. The sixth sense is potentially present in all humans.Its awareness, growth, development, metaphysical – metamorphosis can be augmented and reinforced, harnessed and harvested By various mediations, visualizations and developing new neuro-endocrino-immunological connections via spiritual - awareness-intelligence-maturity.

This can be the greatest asset for the spirituality at any place including - workplace/wherever/whenever especially when choosing the critical and important inputs and critical Decision to be made for the better and unconditional happiness, peace of mind, love, success, prosperity and the outcome.

(Part of the content is from the courtesy of the book called Spirituality in the work place, co-authored by Dr Raj Vastrad ET all. Part of the contents are taken from Dr Raj Vastrad’s Published and to be Published books, accordingly the content is subject to copy rights © If you wish to be in the mailing list for receiving &/or reviewing pre-publication E-copies, or to be in part of win-win - promotional campaigns please do feel free to contact us - through the contact form.)

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